Australia orders new cockpit rules - 7 hours ago
Australia orders two people to remain in the cockpit at all times during commercial flights, after last week's Germanwings crash.
Personal details of world leaders accidentally revealed by G20 organisers - 5 hours ago
Exclusive: Obama, Putin, Merkel, Cameron, Modi and others kept in the dark after passport numbers and other details were disclosed in Australia’s accidental privacy breachRead the immigration
Desperate Search for Missing Sorority Sister - 7 hours ago
Jennifer Houle, 22, was last seen Friday at a bar.
You Can Now Play Super Mario 64 In Your Browser - 6 hours ago
Well, the first level anyway
10 of Europe's best national parks … that you've probably never heard of - 6 hours ago
The joy of national parks lie in their beauty, wildlife and sense of natural adventure, and in the case of these less-well-known areas you’re also unlikely to meet many other foreign visitorsTop 10
Joakim Noah wants to stop violence, but tragedy provides reality check - 6 hours ago
TELANDER: But if there was something unusual about Agina’s death, it is that just a few hours before he was at Joakim Noah’s downtown condominium.
Flood warning issued in Kashmir - 5 hours ago
A flood alert is issued in Indian-administered Kashmir following torrential rain and a surge in the water level of the Jhelum river.
Afghanistan, February, 2010 - 1 hour ago
In southern Afghanistan's Helmand Province, Thousands of American, Afghan and British troops entered Marja in the biggest offensive of the war, with the goal of destroying the Taliban's largest haven
Major Music Festivals Coachella and Lollapalooza Ban Selfie Sticks - 6 hours ago
Sorry, party people, you'll have to capture your best moments by hand
Watch two minutes of awful puns - 2 hours ago
“DID you hear about that new broom that came out? It’s sweeping the nation.” Watch this office worker unleash two minutes of awesomely bad puns.
Sex workers fight back: ‘It’s my choice to be here’ - 3 hours ago
THE AUSTRALIAN sex work industry has fought back against claims most sex workers are abused and forced to enter the industry against their own will.
Woods drops out of world's top 100 - 4 hours ago
Former world number one Tiger Woods drops out of the top 100 in the rankings for the first time since 1996.
You can only budget for one: save a stick insect, or fire a minister into the sun - 7 hours ago
Because of the budget emergency we have to choose prudently between things that matter – like endangered species and ministerial perks Continue reading...
Fatal fall at Pali Notches - 7 hours ago
Three Navy-men are mourning the loss of their friend and comrade after a fatal fall near the Pali Lookout...
Fire at St James Church in Brighton a relief, says actor Rachel Griffiths - 3 hours ago
Hollywood actor Rachel Griffiths says it was a "relief" to see fire tear through St James Church on Monday morning because of the history of child sex abuse there.
Tax reform: Super concessions for the wealthy in the firing line - 5 hours ago
A crackdown on superannuation concessions received by the wealthy appears to be the next major tax reform, with both sides of politics declaring they are looking to tackle the issue.
Justin Bieber Explains Why It Ain’t Easy Being the Bieb - 3 hours ago
“Unless you're stupid, I don't think you would think it's easy to be who I am”
Science Says These Two Techniques Will Keep You Cool Under Pressure - 7 hours ago
Suppressing emotions can backfire: Via Your Brain at Work: Strategies for Overcoming Distraction, Regaining Focus, and Working Smarter All Day Long: Gross found that people who tried to suppress a
Australian immigration dept leaks G20 leaders’ passport info – report - 3 hours ago
The personal details of all 20 leaders at the recent G20 summit in Australia have been accidentally leaked by the Australian immigration department. Despite being notified of the high-profile breach
Breakdown: Czech spectators give up waiting for US Army convoy after 7hr wait - 4 hours ago
The US Army show-of-force ride over Eastern Europe was somewhat marred on Sunday, as a vehicle breakdown resulted in a seven-hour delay of the column. Dozens of Czechs gave up waiting at the Polish
Solar-powered plane continues flight around the world - 5 hours ago
Solar Impulse 2 takes off in Myanmar and heads to China, the fifth flight of a journey to circumnavigate the globe.
Small tsunami follows powerful Papua New Guinea quake - 4 hours ago
No reports of damage or injuries in the South Pacific nation after tsunami triggered by 7.7-magnitude earthquake.
Gibraltar boss happy despite loss - 2 hours ago
David Wilson, Gibraltar's Scots coach, says a first-ever competitive goal made up for their 6-1 Hampden defeat.
Phil Jackson reportedly wants someone with a bigger butt than Karl-Anthony Towns - 6 hours ago
He likes big butts and he cannot lie.
Have these schools gone way too far? - 5 hours ago
IT SOUNDS extreme. But under a new plan, teachers will report parents to police if they allow their kids to play certain video games.
Former Israeli PM convicted in new corruption case - 2 hours ago
Ehud Olmert, who already faces six years imprisonment, was found guilty of accepting bribes for the second time.
Robin Williams' Wife, Kids Head to Court in Estate Fight - 7 hours ago
Attorneys for Robin Williams' wife and children are headed to court in their battle over the late comedian's estate.
Report: World leaders' passport details released - 2 hours ago
Personal details including the passport numbers of U.S. President Barack Obama and 19 other world leaders at last year's G20 summit were inadvertently released by Australia's immigration department
Pediatrics Group Says Schools Shouldn’t Drug Test - 7 hours ago
Random drug testing doesn't have enough evidence to support it, the AAP says
‘The Walking Dead’ Finale Recap: All Life is Precious in ‘Conquer’ - 6 hours ago
Spoiler warning: Do not read on unless you’ve seen “The Walking Dead” season five finale, titled “Conquer.” After a season that unflinchingly racked up the body count, this year’s
Bangladeshi blogger murdered in capital Dhaka - 58 minutes ago
Police arrest two suspects near scene of attack, the second on nation's writers critical of religious teachings.
Blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh - 4 hours ago
Latest attack on country’s independent writers follows similar killing in February of American atheist bloggerA blogger has been hacked to death in the Bangladesh capital, police said, in the
'Religious Freedom' Law Scrutinized Ahead of Final Four - 7 hours ago
With the NCAA men's basketball Final Four tournament set to begin this week in Indiana, the state's new religious freedom restoration act is drawing added attention.
Stamp Price Rise: Royal Mail Increases Cost - 2 hours ago
The privatised firm says it "thought carefully" about the impact of a price hike on customers given the tough economic conditions.
Election 2015: Me... and why it's all about you - 6 hours ago
BBC political editor Nick Robinson gives an update on his progress - and sets out his view on the election campaign which formally begins today.
Katie Hopkins reported to police - 4 hours ago
Reality TV star Katie Hopkins is accused of inciting racial hatred in Rochdale by Labour MP Simon Danczuk.
Knights and Dragons to honour Alex - 5 hours ago
NEWCASTLE and St George Illawarra have announced they will play for the Alex McKinnon Cup for the first time on Easter Saturday.
Tories 'the true party of Wales' - 6 hours ago
The Conservatives will defend their record in power as the party launches its Welsh campaign for the general election.
TNT reporter Sager has leukemia recurrence - 6 hours ago
Turner Sports reporter Craig Sager has had a recurrence of the leukemia he has battled for much of the past year.
Wife Dead After Husband Drives Off Barricaded Bridge - 2 hours ago
A Chicago woman was killed in a fiery crash Saturday morning after her husband drove off a barricaded bridge in northwest Indiana.
Here’s how to get really cheap beer - 6 hours ago
THIS company wants to harness the collective power of drinkers to bring the best craft beers from all over the world straight to your door — at wholesale prices.
Australia's climate change policy on course for 'disastrous' 4C warming - 5 hours ago
The government’s just-released discussion paper on emissions reductions has no mention of the global goal to limit warming to 2C Continue reading...
Spence Jackson, spokesman for the late Tom Schweich, found dead - 6 hours ago
He had called for the resignation of a top Missouri GOP official in the wake of Schweich's death.
‘Why being fired was great for my career’ - 6 hours ago
‘I BECAME vice president of a major bank while still in my 20s. I was living the dream. In the space of three minutes, everything in my life changed.’
Sex workers fight back: ‘It’s my choice to be here’ - 3 hours ago
THE AUSTRALIAN sex work industry has fought back against claims most sex workers are abused and forced to enter the industry against their own will.
Soros says ready to invest $1 billion in Ukraine if West helps - 4 hours ago
VIENNA (Reuters) - Billionaire financier George Soros is ready to invest $1 billion in Ukraine, if Western countries help private investment there. He also put the odds of Greece leaving the euro at
What the Apple Logo Tells Us About Memory - 2 hours ago
Remembering details isn’t innate, says study
Mariners Prospect Dead at 20 After Being Hit by Boat - 3 hours ago
Victor Sanchez had spent three years in the Mariners' minor league system, reaching Double-A for the first time at 19 years old last year.
Hillary Clinton: US-Israel ties must return to 'constructive' footing - 7 hours ago
Presumptive 2016 presidential candidate calls for 'two-state solution pursued through direct negotiations,' stresses 'Israel must never become a partisan issue'.
Killer pilot’s chilling final words - 5 hours ago
THE last words of mass killer Andreas Lubitz have been revealed as footage emerges of the co-pilot learning to fly as a 20-year-old.
Palace Theatre appeal 'test case' for Melbourne heritage battles - 5 hours ago
The fate of Melbourne's Palace Theatre could become a test case for whether to include the social history of an old building in the decision to demolish them.
Prada profit takes a hit from China - 6 hours ago
Italian luxury goods retailer Prada sees its net profit fall 28% last year as sales slumped in major markets of China and Europe.
Emissions slide began to reverse after the end of the carbon price, data show - 4 hours ago
Australia’s greenhouse emissions from the electricity sector jumped in the September quarter, reversing the industry’s declines during the two carbon tax years preceding it, the latest government
Coast racetrack invaders face ban - 4 hours ago
TWO tourists are facing life bans from Australian racetracks after jumping the fence to run down the main straight during a race on the Gold Coast yesterday.
Parents of obese children unable to recognise child is overweight - 3 hours ago
A third of parents studied underestimated their child’s BMI, leading to fears many parents do not understand the risks associated with being overweight Parents with obese children may not be able
Markus Zusak's The Book Thief tops 101 best books list - 6 hours ago
Australian readers have again voted Markus Zusak's smash-hit The Book Thief the best book of all time.
Man shot in face in Belfast attack - 5 hours ago
A man in his 50s is seriously injured after is was shot in the face in a north Belfast gun attack.
Hong Kong’s TVB Says Shaw Bros To Make Movie Comeback - 3 hours ago
Iconic production label founded by Run Run Shaw to be reinvigorated
Lincoln Continental Is Reborn, Inspired by Its American Roots and Chinese Tastes - 6 hours ago
The full-size sedan, discontinued in 2002, returns as a concept car catering to Chinese and American tastes at the New York International Auto Show.
Volvo to Open Plant in the U.S. - 6 hours ago
Volvo said it plans to spend $500 million to build a new vehicle plant in the U.S., and said it will choose a state in about a month.
VIDEO: What if there is no majority in May? - 5 hours ago
What are the possible scenarios if no one party gets a majority in May? Ross Hawkins has a look at the options.
Ousted Ukip member tells of race ‘discomfort’ in TV appearance - 6 hours ago
Rozanne Duncan, expelled in December after controversial TV interview, makes further comments on ITV’s O‘Brien show due to air on MondayThe ousted Ukip councillor Rozanne Duncan says she is
PSNI letters sent to every NI home - 5 hours ago
PSNI Chief Constable George Hamilton writes to every home in Northern Ireland about what forthcoming policing changes will mean for the public.
VIDEO: Obama's Air Force One stumble - 5 hours ago
President Obama had a near miss as he slightly stumbled while stepping out of Air Force One.
Man charged with abducting girl, six - 3 hours ago
A man is charged over the abduction of a six-year-old girl who was taken in a car in Burnley.
‘If I can’t have kids, at least I can have a lot of sex’ - 2 hours ago
ROBIN Rinaldi decided that if she couldn’t have children, she should get to have a lot of sex with a lot of different men and women instead as expressions of her “femininity.”
Chan, Sukumaran lawyers in plea to judges - and Metallica - 5 hours ago
Indonesia's attorney-general has said more prisoners could be added to the ten scheduled for execution.
Ministers from Iran, six powers meet to end impasse in nuclear talks - 3 hours ago
LAUSANNE, Switzerland (Reuters) - The foreign ministers of Iran and six world powers met on Monday in a final push for a preliminary accord less than two days before their deadline to outline a deal
VIDEO: How porpoises use sound to hunt - 4 hours ago
Researchers in Denmark have discovered that porpoises can adjust the beams of sound they use to hunt.
'Few second chances for black bosses' - 3 hours ago
Former England and Liverpool forward John Barnes says black managers struggle to find a new job after being sacked by a club.
Central Coast siege over - 4 hours ago
A GUN and ammunition cartridge were found at the home involved in the siege, with police following up reports of gunshots at the property earlier today.
Melbourne mulling ban on smoking in outdoor dining areas - 5 hours ago
Smokers should be banned from outdoor dining areas at cafes and restaurants, Melbourne's lord mayor said on Monday, with Victoria the only state in Australia permitting a post-meal puff at the table.
Allegro Funds buys Great Southern Rail from Serco - 5 hours ago
Private equity firm Allegro Funds has acquired the passenger and tourism train business Great Southern Rail, which operates The Ghan, from British giant Serco.
Vicious wild dog closes beach - 4 hours ago
NORTHERN NSW beaches remain closed as traps and firearms are employed to destroy a feral wild dog that killed a pet border collie last month.
Mercedes pair's Ferrari wake-up call - 5 hours ago
Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg say Ferrari are genuine rivals after Sebastian Vettel's impressive victory in Malaysia.
Rural women in Tunisia: ‘We have been silent for too long’ - 5 hours ago
Tired of the challenges they face going unnoticed, growing numbers of Tunisian women are supporting a scheme designed to uphold their rights Continue reading...
Mortgage approvals at six-month high - 41 minutes ago
The number of mortgages being granted across the UK hit a six-month high in February, Bank of England data shows.
Put The Salary Range In Your Job Ad, Already! - 7 hours ago
Rather than asking job candidates to report their current and past salaries when they apply for a job, why don't employers list their salary ranges in their job ads? Liz Ryan explains.
​‘Reuters lied’: MH17 witness says reporter falsified story - 2 hours ago
A Lugansk region resident, whom Reuters cites as saying he saw evidence of a surface-to-air missile launched from rebel-held territory on the day MH17 was downed, told RT the news agency gave a false
IndiGo gets government approval to add 400 more planes by 2025 - 7 hours ago
IndiGo, India's largest carrier in terms of passengers flown, has received approvals from the government to induct another 400 planes in its fleet till 2025, taking the total addition to 550, a
VIDEO: Twitter founder wants social empathy - 3 hours ago
Twitter co-founder Biz Stone talks about his new app, Super.
Eight Dead, 10 Hurt After Van Crashes Into Fla. Canal - 7 hours ago
Eight people were killed and 10 injured when their van crashed in Florida, officials said Monday.
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