Nutella Ice Cream Has Finally Arrived, Thanks To Carvel - 4 months ago
You may have dreamed about it, but until now, Nutella ice cream has only been a figment of your imagination. Today, thanks to Carvel, Nutella ice cream is finally a reality. It's available nationwide
How to Motivate Yourself: 3 Steps Backed By Science - 4 months ago
You make goals… but then you procrastinate. You write a to-do list… but then you don’t follow through. And this happens again and again and again. Seriously, what’s the problem? Why are we so
Glastonbury Festival clean-up begins as 800-man litter team and magnetic tractors sweep across site - 4 months ago
Campers now have until 6pm to leave the site at Worthy Farm in Pilton, Somerset, while crew and stall holders are given a week to clear their property.
ISIS militants declare formation of caliphate in Syria and Iraq and demand Muslims around the world swear their allegiance, as they announce they are changing their name to the Islamic State - 4 months ago
Upon declaring a caliphate, the Sunni militants - whose brutality in attempting to establish control in Iraq and Syria has been branded too extreme even by al-Qaeda - demanded allegiance from Muslims
Mother of Georgia boy left unattended in hot car also researched heat deaths, police say - 4 months ago
The mother of a toddler who died in an unattended SUV in suburban Atlanta told investigators she did online research on how hot it needs to be for a child to die in an unattended vehicle because she
When Being A Stay-At-Home Mom Isn't A Choice - 4 months ago
Today's stay-at-home moms are often portrayed as modern-day June Cleavers decked out in head-to-toe Lululemon, shepherding their kids from school to soccer practice and back home for an organic
This Is How To Make Iced Coffee Taste Like The Pros' - 4 months ago
It's summer, the time of year when we as a collective body of caffeine addicts all switch from hot cups to the refreshing crispness of coffee on ice. But it's so dang expensive (due to the fact that
Beer Slushy Maker Is The Answer To Our Summer Prayers - 4 months ago
If you've ever had the misfortune of drinking a warm beer -- which is almost every beer you enjoy al fresco in the summer -- you know all too well how disappointing it can be. And while people have
Supreme Court set to rule on federal birth control mandate - 4 months ago
The top court will weigh whether for-profit corporations could refuse to cover contraceptives for employees for religious reasons.
These 12 Midwestern Spots Are Actually Awesome In Summer - 4 months ago
The Midwest may not have the Atlantic or the Pacific or the Gulf of Mexico, but that doesn't mean it lacks awesome summer destinations.From lakefront retreats to charming small towns, these 12 spots
Not All Passports Are Created Equal, As This Map Will Tell You (INFOGRAPHIC) - 4 months ago
A passport from the United States allows its citizens free access to 172 other countries.But not all travelers have such an overwhelming spread of choices: Residents of Iraq, for example, can access
Facebook emotion study breached ethical guidelines, researchers say - 4 months ago
Lack of 'informed consent' means that Facebook experiment on nearly 700,000 news feeds broke rules on tests on human subjects, say scientistsResearchers have roundly condemned Facebook's experiment
Norwegian launches budget flights from London to America from just £150 one way - 4 months ago
Holidaymakers could soon see the price of their flight to America drop as Norwegian launches cut-price flights to New York, LA and Fort Lauderdale.
Extreme weather official advice rewritten to remove climate change link - 4 months ago
Australian government accused of significantly watering down information document on Department of Environment website Continue reading...
Why You Need to Know This Dashboard Symbol - 4 months ago
Did you know that since model year 2008, all cars have been required to have a light on the dash that tells you if your tires are under-inflated? According to Schrader, a company that makes sensors
DECISION DAY Hobby Lobby 'confident' ahead of high court ruling - 4 months ago
OPINION: What's at stake in Hobby Lobby caseVIDEO: Supreme Court to rule on ObamaCare contraception mandate
Hong Kong readies for massive protest - 4 months ago
In an unofficial referendum organized by a pro-democracy activist group, 787,767 Hong Kongers voted in support of free elections for the city's next leader. Beijing is not happy.
Heart of Hatred: Alabama Sit-In Survivors Reunite to Tell Story - 4 months ago
Days after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, a group of black boys in Alabama tested out their new freedoms and were met by men with bats.
Liberal push to strip environmental groups of charitable tax status - 4 months ago
Federal Liberal council unanimously agrees to proposal from Tasmanian MP Andrew Nikolic that environmental groups should not receive tax-deductible donations Continue reading...
6 Surprising Foods That Can Be Terrible for Teeth - 4 months ago
Some of the healthy foods you eat can be just as detrimental to your choppers as the junk you avoid.
United Airlines Flight Diverted After Emergency Evacuation Slide Deploys - 4 months ago
A United Airlines flight from Chicago to California was diverted to Wichita, Kan. Sunday after the plane’s emergency evacuation slide accidentally deployed, an airline spokesperson told ABC
Pistorius Not Mentally Ill at Time of Shooting, Experts Find - 4 months ago
Oscar Pistorius was not suffering from a mental condition on Valentine’s Day 2013 when he shot and killed girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, according to a report submitted in South African court
'Blade Runner' Knew Right From Wrong, Psychiatrists Say - 4 months ago
Sprinter did not suffer from mental illness that impacted his ability to know right from wrong when he fatally shot his girlfriend, psychiatrists say.
Funnel cloud, downed trees reported in Crystal Lake overnight - 4 months ago
Overnight thunderstorms prompted a tornado warning and reports of a funnel cloud in the Crystal Lake area, according to weather officials.
10 things you should never do at the supermarket - 4 months ago
THOU shall not leave your trolley in the car park, or put a tub of ice cream back on the wrong shelf. Are you guilty of these supermarket faux pas?
How does Facebook decide what to show in my news feed? - 4 months ago
Controversial emotion study is a reminder that the social network's filters are constantly at work in the background Facebook emotion study breached ethical guidelines, researchers sayFacebook is
UK lobbying US to end ban on importing haggis - 4 months ago
The British government has dispatched its Environment Secretary to Washington to try and convince the Obama administration to lift a 43-year-old ban on importing haggis.
Community recalls 19 firefighters who died in fire - 4 months ago
PRESCOTT, Ariz. (AP) — This Arizona city is marking the one-year anniversary of the deaths of 19 wildland firefighters with a simple ceremony — the names of the Granite Mountain Hotshots will be
Canadian banks now required to ask customers where they were born - 4 months ago
Canada’s banks will soon begin formally operating as informants for the United States Internal Revenue Service – the IRS. Financial institutions must ask all clients that want to open a new
Gun Show Shooting Injures Woman And May Lead To Charges Against Vendor, Police Say - 4 months ago
BLOOMSBURG, Pa. (AP) — A vendor accidentally shot a woman in the leg while demonstrating a gun and holster at a central Pennsylvania gun show, police said. The Columbia County district attorney's
‘Size of my arse is not relevant’ - 4 months ago
HER weight, the real reason she left The Circle and THOSE smoking photos: Chrissie Swan reveals all in this emotional new interview with Tracy Grimshaw.
Laura Bush turns chorus of complaint into sacred music at patriotic service in Provo - 4 months ago
Former First Lady Laura Bush was the keynote speaker at a Patriotic Service hosted Sunday by America's Freedom Festival in...
Why is Washington still protecting the secret political power of corporations? - 4 months ago
Regulators at the SEC could illuminate the future of campaign donations. But they aren't interested in disclosing the truth even though voters are Continue reading...
Hollywood to cash in on Ghana's $3m World Cup drama - 4 months ago
Darryl Wharton-Rigby's screenplay will centre on true story of the courier tasked with bringing $3m to Brazil in an effort to stop the Ghanaian football team quitting the competitionAn award-winning
Ortiz hits No. 450, Red Sox beat Yankees 8-5 - 4 months ago
NEW YORK (AP) -- David Ortiz hit his 450th homer, a colossal three-run drive, and Dustin Pedroia had three RBIs during his second consecutive three-hit game to lead the Boston Red Sox over the New
Ancient Battle Resonates in Scottish Fight for Freedom - 4 months ago
Seven centuries after a celebrated victory over the English, Scots are engaged in a new battle for independence – this time, at the ballot box.
Is THIS Bigfoot? Virginia man who claims he first saw the Sasquatch 25 years ago uploads photos of new encounter - and says 'you be the judge' - 4 months ago
Randy O'Neal, 40, posted the Sasquatch photographs online, which he says his father took on a camera phone this weekend near the Intracoastal Highway in Virginia.
Blackwater leader threatened to kill State Dept. official before Nisour Square massacre: NYT - 4 months ago
A top Blackwater manager threatened to kill a State Department investigator in 2007, just weeks before one of the private contractor’s guards fatally shot 17 civilians at Baghdad’s Nisour Square
Homeless mother fights to breastfeed in public - 4 months ago
A homeless mother is fighting for her right to breastfeed in public.
The Tea Party Should Split From Republicans and Form America's Third Political Party - 4 months ago
In 2010, Tea Party backer Dick Armey stated, "This is a leaderless movement. That is its strength." Unfortunately for Republicans, the Tea Party is now led by the belief that it's been abandoned by
Dozens stranded when SeaWorld ride malfunctions - 4 months ago
SAN DIEGO (AP) — Dozens of people were stranded more than 200 feet up on a revolving tower at SeaWorld San Diego for hours Sunday when a power failure stalled the ride, authorities said.
Emergency Evacuation Slide Deploys Midair On United Flight - 4 months ago
June 30 (Reuters) - A United Airlines flight bound for southern California with 101 people on board was diverted to Wichita, Kansas on Sunday night after an emergency evacuation chute inflated inside
Lens Blog: Photographers on the Front Lines of the Great War - 4 months ago
A century after the start of World War I, the trail blazed – and lessons learned – by pioneering photojournalists on the front lines still resonate.
Japan's nuclear exclusion zone - 4 months ago
What does a sudden evacuation look like? After everyone is gone, what happens to the places they've abandoned? National Geographic Magazine sent Associated Press photographer David Guttenfelder to
Canada Day 2014: How to fly the Canadian flag - 4 months ago
There aren't any laws that dictate what to do with the Canadian flag, but over time, protocols have developed, with an overriding focus on ensuring the Maple Leaf is treated with respect.
150mph driver with toddlers jailed - 4 months ago
A driver is jailed for speeding at 150mph (240 km/h) with four young children who were not wearing seatbelts in the back of his car.
Microsoft's Cortana World Cup predictions rival Paul the octopus - 4 months ago
Paul the octopus might have been the star of the 2010 World Cup with his accurate predictions, but Microsoft’s Cortana assistant is proving a worthy digital replacement for the now-deceased
Criminal courts tailored to veterans multiply as wars wind down - 4 months ago
Nearly every state has at least one special court designed to give returning vets a break.
Japan PM to overturn pacifist defence policy - 4 months ago
Postwar constitution bans use of force in international disputes, which Shinzo Abe says inhibits country's ability to protect itselfJapan's prime minister, Shinzo Abe, is to defy public opinion and
NC Man Builds Miniature Fenway Park in Backyard - 4 months ago
When David Spainhour lets Little League teams use the miniature Fenway Park he built in his backyard, he has one rule: 'They can't wear Yankee hats,' he said with a smile.
Luis Suárez bite ban: Uruguay president calls Fifa old sons of bitches - 4 months ago
José Mujica says the Suárez punishment is a fascist ban President told journalist to publish his attackSuárez: I lost balance and hit teeth against Chiellini Continue reading...
KLM sorry for Mexico departure tweet - 4 months ago
Dutch plane operator KLM apologises for sending out tweet making a joke out of Mexico's defeat to the Netherlands at the World Cup.
Teacher who pulled boy from pool: District retaliated - 4 months ago
David Zauner says officials pressured him to try to get him not to cooperate with police.         
2,000 wanted for hill fort dig - 4 months ago
Cardiff University archaeologists are hoping to recruit 2,000 volunteers for a dig at an Iron Age fort the outskirts of Cardiff.
Dannii Minogue wants Home and Away return: 'I want it to be kooky' - 4 months ago
The singer has previously expressed an interest in returning to the soap.
All you lesbians behaving badly are strip clubs what liberation is for? - 4 months ago
Why would a lesbian want to visit such bastions of male privilege? Feminism should challenge laddism, not embrace it Continue reading...
MH370 investigators discover evidence of mysterious power outage - 4 months ago
An Australian Transport Safety Bureau report reveals the Boeing 777's satellite data unit had tried to log on to a satellite, around 90 minutes after it left Kuala Lumpur.
Education is a powerful weapon, so let's arm young girls with it | Graça Machel and Erna Solberg - 4 months ago
Reducing child marriage, providing access to health services and getting more girls to stay in education will save many livesIn 1990, the Italian World Cup was played to the sound of Luciano
Scout dies during adventure holiday - 4 months ago
A 14-year-old boy from a Scout group near Glasgow dies in a swimming accident while on an adventure holiday in Italy.
Strawberry Ice Cream You Can Make In Just 45 Seconds - 4 months ago
We're going to start off by admitting that we just lied to you. Or, really, Jamie Oliver lied to you -- to all of us. You see, there's no cream in this strawberry "ice cream" recipe. There's no milk
Ancient Inuit hunting camp to be uncovered in Manitoba - 4 months ago
A cliff site in northern Manitoba that was once a thriving Inuit hunting camp is set to be unconvered by researchers this month. Today, there are remnants of 22 large tent rings, as well as food
Mannequin actor Taylor dies at 67 - 4 months ago
US actor Meshach Taylor, best known for his roles in the 1980s film comedy Mannequin and the US show Designing Women, dies aged 67.
The man who saved children, including me, from Hitler: Joe Schlesinger - 4 months ago
Exactly 75 years ago, CBC journalist Joe Schlesinger was one of 669 Jewish children rescued from the advancing Nazis by Nicholas Winton, a British businessman unwilling to take No for an answer
Jetliner diverted after slide inflates in cabin during flight - 4 months ago
United Airlines flight from Chicago to L.A. lands in Wichita after emergency slide "inadvertently deployed"
Can you work? That's all the Australian government wants to know - 4 months ago
For people living with disabilities, the world is full of places hostile to how we move, look, speak and talk. Any welfare review that prioritises self-reliance ignores this Continue reading...
Could Australia stay independent if the US went to war in the Pacific? - 4 months ago
In the last 25 years Australia has become enmeshed in the US military machine. We need to re-assert our independence for the sake of the nation and the Asia-Pacific region Continue reading...
IDF wishes Palestinians ‘Ramadan Kareem’ with anti-Hamas lollipop drop - 4 months ago
As Muslims mark the start of Ramadan, Israel dropped hundreds of holiday lollipops with anti-Hamas messages in two of the largest cities in West Bank. It’s part of another attempt to discourage the
Are any of these five places suitable for Trident? - 4 months ago
Where could the UK move its Trident submarines to?
Facebook apologises for deceiving thousands of users during controversial News Feed experiment - 4 months ago
The California-based firm carried out the experiment during a week in 2012. It apologised for the way the paper described the research and any anxiety caused.
'A man can't go to work on a wrap!': Lancastrian creates ultimate 'oop-North' lunch with £7 pie stuffed with steak, chips, peas and gravy (served with extra chips) - 4 months ago
John Clarkson, 54, got the idea for the hefty meal after seeing a 'hoity-toity' M&S fish and chips pie and now serves his creation at his shop in Preston, Lancashire.
Stop the traffic: how we got children to play in the streets again - 4 months ago
It started with a neighbourhood chat. Now Playing Out, the scheme that temporarily closes roads so kids can play, is happening nationallyIt should be normal for kids to call on each other unannounced
World Cup: I dived but penalty was real, says Arjen Robben - 4 months ago
Holland winger denies he dived for penaltyMexico outraged at refereeing decisionsMatch report: Holland 2-1 MexicoArjen Robben courted further controversy at the World Cup by insisting he was fouled
75 questions Rob Ford hasn’t answered - 4 months ago
Mayor Rob FordRob Ford left the city in May without addressing dozens of questions journalists have tried to get him to answer over the past year.We count 75 questions outstanding, but the mayor’s
Exclusive: Facebook scores record 1 billion interactions for World Cup - 4 months ago
SAO PAULO (Reuters) - With 1 billion posts, likes and comments in just the first half of the World Cup, the soccer tournament is already the most talked-about event in Facebook Inc's decade-long
Nestlé agrees to pay all employees living wage - 4 months ago
Company to pay entire UK workforce including agency and contract staff minimim of £8.80 in London or £7.65 elsewhere Continue reading...
Todd Carney 'shattered' over posting of photo of him urinating in his mouth - 4 months ago
Sacked Cronulla playmaker says the incident was a 'prank' that ended up hurting his dignity and his familySacked Cronulla star Todd Carney said he was shattered when he learned a picture of him
30 migrants found dead as refugee boats arrive in Italy - 4 months ago
The deaths of 30 boat migrants sparked anger and frustration in Italy on Monday, as critics accused the government of failing to deal with an immigration crisis which has seen over 5,000 people
PSLV-C23 launch is global endorsement of our space capability: Modi - 4 months ago
PSLV-C23 launch is global endorsement of our space capability: Modi
Pink and proud! 26,000 revellers celebrate gay pride in Singapore where homosexual acts are still officially illegal - 4 months ago
Happy faces of all ages gathered at Hong Lim Park for the annual parade, the only place in the country where public assemblies can take place.
Death of writer Dermot Healy - 4 months ago
Dermot Healy, author of novels, short stories, plays and five collections of poems, has died aged 66.
Dermot Healy, 'uncompromisingly brilliant' poet and novelist, dies aged 66 - 4 months ago
Tributes paid to Irish author acclaimed as a unique figure 'in the tradition of Samuel Beckett and Flann O'Brien'The Irish author Dermot Healy, whose poetry and novels drew him fans from Seamus
No malpractice lawyers will take case in death of Wisconsin baby - 4 months ago
Harper Streblow died 10 days after she was born following an emergency Caesarean section. Her parents will never know if any negligence or malpractice was involved because attorneys refuse to take
Algerians rally around Desert Warriors - 4 months ago
Algerians say football is building a sense of national unity, as team heads into round of 16 against Germany.
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