World's oldest person turns 117 - 11 hours ago
Misao Okawa is celebrating her birthday in Japan and says 117 years doesn't seem like such a long time.
Jon Stewart: Republicans gave Netanyahu ‘the longest bl*wjob a Jewish man has ever received’ - 14 hours ago
Jon Stewart opened The Daily Show on Tuesday by mocking the Republican-heavy Congress for giving Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not just a warm welcome, but nearly 20 minutes of applause
Ben Carson: Prison proves being gay is a choice - 7 hours ago
Ben Carson says homosexuality is a choice because many people "go into prison straight -- and when they come out, they're gay."
This Is Why Indian Food Is So Delicious - 14 hours ago
It's the lack of overlapping flavors, scientists say
Wanted Ohio Man Caught After Taunting Cops on Facebook - 14 hours ago
Andrew Dale Marcum, 21, was wanted on charges ranging from burglary to assault and abduction before he was finally caught Tuesday.
New York to Add Two Muslim Holy Days to Public School Calendar - 14 hours ago
The addition of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha to the calendar fulfills a pledge Mayor Bill de Blasio made during his campaign and represents the increasing influence of the city’s Muslim community.
McDonald's Phasing Out Chicken With Antibiotics - 14 hours ago
McDonald's, the world's biggest fast food chain, said it's phasing out the use of chicken with antibiotics over the next two years in the U.S.
Canadians Asked To Stop 'Spocking' Bank Notes - 4 hours ago
The craze for adding Mr Spock's features to the $5 note has accelerated since the death of Leonard Nimoy, who played the Vulcan.
FDA warns against "keepsake" ultrasounds - 14 hours ago
There may be no greater thrill than seeing your baby for the 1st time, but the government and some doctors say a growing trend could have hidden dangers
Stepbrother charged with Becky murder - 2 hours ago
The stepbrother of missing Bristol 16-year-old Becky Watts is charged with her murder.
Dangerous "IRS" scam unfolding on your phone - 14 hours ago
"We've had very, very educated and intelligent people fall for it," Treasury Department official says
Turkish Airlines Jet Skids Off Runway, Passengers Safe - 14 hours ago
A Turkish Airlines jet landing in dense fog in the Nepalese capital Wednesday skidded off a slippery runway but there were no serious injuries, officials said.
Joaquin Phoenix Speaks Out Against China’s Brutal Dog-Leather Industry in New Video - 11 hours ago
It's "one of the worst things" the actor has ever seen
World Book Day 2015: what to wear - 7 hours ago
Great costume ideas here for World Book Day on 5 March. Share your best costumes and how you made them by emailing– we’ll add them to this gallery (and the best
Man secretly records 'Microsoft tech support' scammer threatening to kill him - 14 hours ago
B.C. man Jakob Dulisse is Going Public after he confronted a Microsoft tech support scam caller and was shocked to get gruesome death threats thrown back at him.
Bicycle super highways coming to major cities? - 8 hours ago
Ambitious urban projects and smart technology are making cycling the future of city transport.
How to share with BBC News - 8 hours ago
Have you got a good story? BBC News wants to hear from you
Stepbrother Charged With Murder Of Becky Watts - 2 hours ago
Nathan Matthews and his partner are charged over the killing of his 16-year-old stepsister, who went missing almost two weeks ago.
'Plebgate' Pc accepts libel damages - 8 hours ago
Police officer at centre of "plebgate" scandal accepts £80,000 in damages from MP Andrew Mitchell
This strange and beautiful object is a 3D-printed violin - 13 hours ago
A 3D-printed violin is just one of a suite of instruments designed to provide a collaborative experience exploring our relationship with sound.
'Blame fans' Hillsborough police told - 7 hours ago
An ex-police inspector tells the Hillsborough inquest officers were told to put the blame for the disaster on "drunken Liverpool supporters".
New Hormone Discovered That Curbs Weight Gain, Diabetes Just Like Exercise - 10 hours ago
“This represents a major advance in the identification of new treatments for age-related diseases such as diabetes”
Phys Ed: One Twin Exercises, the Other Doesn’t - 14 hours ago
Identical twins who shared the same sports and other physical activities as youngsters but different exercise habits as adults soon developed quite different bodies and brains, a new study from
Wicked Weather Traps Woman on Maine Island for a Month - 14 hours ago
Friends had to air drop supplies to lobster scientist Diane Cowan, who has been stuck on Maine's Friendship Long Island for all of February.
Holi celebrations 2014 | Photos | The Big Picture | - 10 hours ago
Earlier this week Hindus greeted the turn of winter into spring with a massive display of color. They call their celebration the festival of Holi, and Hindus across India and throughout the world
Are These Retirees Zeroing In on Looted Nazi Treasure? - 14 hours ago
Often referred to as the "Eighth Wonder of the World," the Amber Room was a lavish and intricate chamber decorated with amber plates.
Zombie Apocalypse Simulator Proves That You Should Leave The City When The Dead Walk - 9 hours ago
Thanks to Cornell University researchers, we can now simulate the spread of a zombie disease outbreak. And thanks to their new zombie apocalypse simulator, we can confirm what we already knew: Stay
Canadians Are 'Spocking' Their $5 Bills, Which Is Both Awesome And Totally Legal - 12 hours ago
OTTAWA, Ontario (AP) — The death of actor Leonard Nimoy last week has inspired people to post photos on social media of marked-up five-dollar Canadian banknotes that show former prime minister
6 Reasons Gray Hair Is White Hot Again - 7 hours ago
Gone are the days when women in their 30s, 40s and beyond would attack gray hairs with bleaches and hair dye, as if they were rogue chin hairs. No, as of late, gray is in. We're not talking just
Leader of Mexico's Zetas cartel held - 4 hours ago
Omar Trevino Morales, the leader of Mexico's Zetas drugs cartel and one of the country's most wanted men, has been captured, security officials say.
Microsoft co-founder: I found sunken Japan battleship - 11 hours ago
Paul Allen says wreck off Philippines is the Musashi, which sunk during WWII.        
Weather Gang: D.C. area forecast: Rain increasingly likely into tonight, becoming moderate to heavy snow early Thursday - 6 hours ago
More rain showers will fall today before changing to snow overnight.
USA Today Columnist Cal Thomas: Gay Marriage Is A Sign of the 'End Times' - 4 hours ago
Long-time conservative columnist Cal Thomas writes a syndicated column for Tribune Media, which appears in respected newspapers across the country, from the Baltimore Sun to Newsday, offering
Snow Wars: Neighbors Battle Over Shoveling Dispute - 14 hours ago
Two neighbors in the Cleveland neighborhood of Eastlake began arguing Sunday over something simple: clearing off snow from the sidewalk.
Despite Parkinson's disease, Brian Butler of Strongsville will hike Appalachian Trail: Faces of the Suns - 5 hours ago
Brian Butler, 66, of Strongsville will hike the Appalachian Trail, despite having Parkinson's disease. He is retiring from nursing at University Hospital.
The Fix: The Hillary Clinton e-mail story just keeps getting worse for her - 4 hours ago
Hard on the heels of the New York Times scoop Monday night that Hillary Clinton exclusively used a private e-mail account to conduct business as secretary of state comes this report Wednesday morning
Turkish Jet Veers Off Runway in Nepal - 5 hours ago
A Turkish Airlines jetliner veered off the runway in Nepal with no injuries to the passengers or damage to the body of the plane, according to civil-aviation officials.
DOJ Says Cop in Ferguson Case Won't Be Charged - 14 hours ago
The Justice Department has cleared Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson of civil rights violations in the shooting death of unarmed black teenager Michael B...
Northeastern's Aaron Civale Strikes Out Red Sox Sluggers Ortiz, Hanley, Napoli, and Bogaerts Swinging - 13 hours ago
Northeastern righthander Aaron Civale, a sophomore from East Windsor, Connecticut had himself quite the afternoon at JetBlue Park in his start against the big bats of the Boston Red Sox.
Girl Scout cookies in L.A. County are not the same as Orange County's - 14 hours ago
When you bite into a Thin Mint, you probably aren't wondering where it comes from.
Video: Islamic State-Themed Wedding Party - 8 hours ago
Masked men armed with knives lead the bride and groom to the dance floor as a jihadi anthem is played over loudspeakers.
Koala cull: 700 endangered marsupials secretly slain by Australian authorities - 7 hours ago
About 700 koalas have been covertly killed off by the Australian authorities due to overpopulation causing starvation of the animals. Australian Koala Foundation has slammed the move, calling it “a
Why U of T, York strikes are more than labour disputes - 3 hours ago
They walkout by teaching assistants is a warning of how fundamentally flawed the Canadian university system has become
Scientists capture the first image of light behaving as both a particle and a wave - 13 hours ago
Researchers have achieved the first ever pictorial evidence that light can simultaneously behave as a particle and as a wave.
Boy, 8, Dies After Head Gets Stuck in Gate: Cops - 14 hours ago
An eight-year-old boy has died after his head became stuck in his Las Vegas neighborhood's automatic gate on Tuesday, police said.
Alabama County Halts All Marriages After Same-Sex Ruling - 14 hours ago
The probate court in one of Alabama's biggest counties says it won't issue any marriage licenses at all after the Alabama Supreme Court disagreed with a fede...
10 Signs You Have a Newborn - 4 hours ago
Your hospital bag is unpacked, your living room looks like Babies"R"Us and Fisher-Price had a drunken frat party, and you spend 20 minutes a day poking your Pillsbury Doughboy-esque postpartum pooch
Dave Chappelle was right, Prince could hoop - 4 hours ago
The Star Tribune has proof that Prince was a serious athlete in his younger days.
Feast your eyes – 10 of the world's coolest restaurant interiors - 8 hours ago
From a modern diner in an old chapel to a white-washed cabinet of curiosities decorated with 10,000 animal bones, Gestalten’s new book, Let’s Go Out Again features some of the most unusual and
6 NATO ships to stage war games in Black Sea - 5 hours ago
Six NATO warships arrived in the Black Sea on Wednesday to take part in exercises with the Bulgarian, Romanian and Turkish navies, the Alliance’s Maritime Command (MARCOM) said in a statement.Read
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